Tips for Picking the Best Original Art for Interior Designers and Home Owners

As the awareness and appreciation for original art is growing, interior designers have felt the urge to introduce it into house decors. However, selecting a good piece of artwork for home is an intuitive task. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before finalizing which wall painting to bring home. 

So, here are some easy tips that can help you pick the best original art for interior designers and homeowners. 

#1. Figure out your style

Styling is a vital part of interior decoration. Therefore, the first step for picking the original art for interior designers is to determine what the home-owners like the most. Figure out what appeals to you. Is it abstract art that gives you visual pleasure and calms you down, or do you like geometric paintings? The variety is immense, ranging from categories, sizes, and color choices, have a self-analysis of what matches your vibe. 

Art is something that says a lot about home-owners interests and lifestyle. Hence, you need to certain while choosing a piece of art since it will be one of your personality determining factors. Most importantly, make sure that your choice makes you smile every time you look at it. 

#2. Set your budget

Original art is undoubtedly a heavy investment. But when you are already spending a lot on other interior decoration accessories, do not hesitate to buy your piece of original wall painting. However, it is highly recommended that you set a budget and then proceed with shopping. With an immense variety of paintings, it is very easy to get swept away on the tide. Unless you have a monetary range decided in your mind, you are likely to spend on something highly expensive than your budget.

Furthermore, with these many options, art offers something for each person with all budget ranges. However, if you really liked a painting, just trust your instincts, put a foot down, and go for it! Sometimes, it's okay to be a little extravagant.

#3. Select Between colors and monochromes

Color can keep you caught up while choosing an artwork. And the only reason is that we try to match art with other colors in the room. Well, the truth is this is a good way to find your ideal wall painting, but remember that this isn't the only way. Sometimes, it can be the exact opposite of what you already have in your room. 

It all depends on how you perceive art. Maybe your heart gets stuck on a black and white original canvas wall art. Just buy it. Believe us, that's the beauty of original art. It tends to complement each interior, wall color, and furniture. Look for something that attracts you to it, and don't think too much about perfectly matching colors.

#4. Note the size and scale

This point deserves a lot of attention. Buying the wrong size can deceive the whole motive of beautifying the space through original art. Hence, it is crucial that you accurately measure the wall's dimensions to decide what size of a painting you want. Whether one large painting would be enough or need a set of two or three small paintings. 

However, it is always smart to buy a large abstract canvas wall art for the living room. Imagine how serenely it would cover the wall space over the sofa. 

Pro-Tip: The general art rule is that the painting above the sofa should be approximately 2/3 of its width or larger.

You can also have it framed to have a greater visual impact on the guests.

#5. Find the focal point

Find out the ideal wall in your house to display the original canvas wall art. The walls which do not have much furniture are the most preferable as a focal point. Moreover, for a bedroom, it's best to have a medium-sized horizontal painting over the headboard if there are no other clear walls in the room. 

In addition, make sure that the focal point is actually visible, and anyone who enters the house will be attracted to it. Besides, it would be even great to choose an entirely plain or white wall for the art display. It tends to garner the most attention. 

#6. Do Research

There is a plethora of original art for interior designers and they are likely to get overwhelmed Therefore, before taking off for the wall painting shopping spree, make sure to do a lot of research. Research about the various types of paintings available. Which type would be good for which room of the house? What size is ideal for a particular wall? What is the budget range? Unless you have an answer to all your queries, you can't buy art.

Talk to your friends who are related to the art world. Or have a discussion with an art gallery owner. Find out if you are laying your eyes on an ideal piece, or is there something else for you to explore. Attend some art events and auctions. Procure all the little details before taking the final decision.

#7. Avoid matching too much

It's not always necessary to buy everything that matches the physical environment. There are combinations that give us mental peace even if they don't appear to match, for instance, decoration made in contrast. It will make your space look more happening. Therefore, make it a mix of traditional and modern painting in contrast to the theme of your room. 

Moreover, a traditional painting in a modern room will transform its look entirely, eventually treating the eyes. Undoubtedly, it's fun to mix colors and themes. And so when choosing a piece of artwork for home, don't get stuck in a rut. Instead, mix it up and embrace the beauty of your choice.

#8. Make sure that the art reflects your personality

Art has the capability to speak without words. Therefore, look for artwork that reflects your personality and speaks about you to your guests. Bring home what inspires you the most. Moreover, wall paintings are believed to set a positive atmosphere around you. Therefore, this point is to be kept in mind while choosing original art for interior designers.

Therefore, choose your ideal painting that makes your house a more warm and welcoming place.