Hassle-free returns and exchanges

We will always make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of receiving an order or communicate with the seller to get the corresponding refund.

Items should be returned in its original condition, and it must be packed in its original packing in a strong Paper tube. If your painting is framed, it's not acceptable for return and exchange.

Because all the paintings are purely handmade. If the buyer cancels the order for no reason more than 10 days after the purchase, the buyer will have to pay a production fee of 50-150 US dollars.

We offer complimentary exchange for damaged item. If you have a damaged item during transportation, we thoroughly apologize, and ask that you send us a message and include your order number and a photo of your damaged artwork. Let us deal with courier companies.we will ship out the replacement just in a few days. 


Please contact Info@artexplore.net or log into your account if you need to return or exchange your order.