Artexplore was born out of discontent with the status quo, and a desire to change the art industry for the better. We noticed if you wanted original or large art, you had to pay a premium price. Understandable? Yes. Reasonable? No. Because that price is often inflated with markups to accommodate other costs, like art agent, art dealer, gallery and art shop.

The Artexplore artist team were shocked by this revelation, and we decided to redesign it.
Artexplore is Co-founded by more than a dozen outstanding young artists.We removed art agent, art dealer, gallery, art shop and Interior decoration shop from the equation, opting for a completely in-house artist team that manages the brand. Powered by technology, delivers high quality artwork without an inflated price tag.

Now, Artexplore is quickly changing the way people all over the world discover and purchase original art. Trusted by collectors, top interior designers, architects and corporate buyers alike, it is the premier destination for finding that perfect and affordable art.

We've since grown into a diverse team of more than twenty people, all artists with different expertise and stories to tell. When a artwork arrives on your doorstep, you're witness to the tender love and care every member of the artist team has poured into delivering the product. Please join us as we evolve and disrupt the industry together.

Our mission is to provide hand-painted paintings with the finest quality, the best size, the lowest price and the fastest shipment for customers all over the world.