8 Unique Ways to Fuse Original Art in Your House Interior

We often admire other people’s art-filled houses. However, when it comes to curating our own house, it becomes a challenging task. We often get stuck on how to choose the right original abstract paintings for our house. Since art defines the house owner’s personality, it has to be chosen very wisely. And apart from that, the art needs to match perfectly with the house interiors. So, how to choose wall art for your home

To save you from trouble, here are some unique ways to fuse original canvas wall art in your house interior. 

Textured Abstract Geometric Art

#1. Introduce a Large Statement Piece

We all dream of owning large paintings that complement that entire wall. Having a mere look at it is in itself a pleasure. Moreover, huge handmade paintings on canvas are a daring alternative to paint or wallpaper. But, you cannot just hang it on any of the walls of the house. It’s not a good idea if you have a small space since it will appear as if it has been squeezed in. 

Such a fine masterpiece needs to have its own special place. Therefore, if you plan to buy a large statement art piece, make sure you have a wall devoted to it. The best way to display it is with pared-back furniture that gives a chic and romantic look.

#2. Try to Put Them in a Set of Two or Three

If you seek for a distinctive way to display the wall paintings, opt for Diptychs (artwork split into two sections) or triptych (artwork split into three sections). These paintings are mostly hinged together on the wall like a series. Moreover, you can also display them top to bottom or sideways, depending upon whether the paintings are vertical or horizontal. 

Sometimes, large-sized paintings are used as wall-dividers. This is actually a more impressive way to show off the original art collection. Furthermore, the contemporary version of these paintings is available in series that follow a certain theme. These are great for living rooms!

Set of 2 Blue And White Abstract Painting

#3. Your Personal Wall Art Gallery

Remember how you go for a visit to art galleries and get so absorbed surrounded by such beauties. Well, you can make it happen at your home, too, by creating your own art gallery. And above all, it’s not at all a difficult task to make one. All you got to do is buy your favorite pieces of wall art that match your personality.

Now, one unique way to display original abstract paintings in a personal art gallery is to place a larger painting at the center. You can surround it with complementary works to have a gallery that feels unique and in-tune with your home. 

#4. Say Goodbye to Frames

It’s time to bid farewell to the traditional framed paintings. Sometimes, frames steal the real worth of the original art. In fact, if you have chosen to display multiple paintings, frames may make it look messy. Therefore, create a look that suggests informal elegance. If you don’t want to get away from the frames entirely, you can frame them casually using tapes. A group of tape-framed paintings will prep up the original walls and make them feel alive.

Furthermore, to be a little more creative, you can play around with combinations. Just arrange the paintings in a way that matches your space. Align them in increasing or decreasing order of their sizes from top to bottom or left to right, whatever goes with the vibe. 

Running Brown Horse Abstract Painting 

#5. Match it With Your Collection

The best part about original abstract paintings on canvas is that they blend with all interiors, no matter the furniture, decoration, or wall color. So, even if you can’t find something matching, pick the one you like the best. Besides, if you still decide to have it co-ordinated with a theme, try creating a coherent display by matching paintings to existing antique collections at home. Maybe a traditional vase or your vintage crockery!

You can hang or place the painting on your kitchen shelf to give it a more sophisticated look. Still life and geometric paintings are the best for dining hall walls. Moreover, they give a more artistic look to the environment and, of course, display your passions.

Orange White Abstract Oversized Wall Art 

#6. Try a Mix and Match of Frames

This is for people who do not want to let go of the frames. If you are looking for a more creative, sleek, and sophisticated look, a mix and match of frames will be a good idea. Not to mention, the stretched canvas original abstract paintings are easier to hang when they is framed. Look outside the box what unique frames can be matched with the interiors.

Besides, there is no such rule to have identical frames for all the paintings. Give it a mix and match look. Most importantly, place them at a specific distance so that it doesn’t make the wall look hotch-potched.

#7. Attention to the Kitchen Wall Art

This is one of the most ignored spaces of the house when it comes to decorating the house with original art. Since the kitchen is the most vital part of the house, there is a dire need to incorporate art into it. So what type of original canvas wall art can be infused inside this room? We already discussed that original art is versatile and tends to complement every space it is present in. But if you are still looking for something more specific, you can go for the abstract original art. 

Furthermore, with so many cabinets and counters, there might no be a complete wall available for a large painting. It’s wiser to go with the smaller ones, but make sure you get quality as well as quantity.

Modern Abstract Painting 

#8. Do Not Spill Over

Since you are here, you definitely are a huge fan of original artwork for home. But this doesn’t mean that you will add all of your collection to display and make the house look too filled. If you have a lot of furniture and colorful curtains in your living room, a large painting may not be a good idea. Besides, for a living room with less furniture, the small painting wouldn’t go well.

Therefore, analyze every part of your house and decide how many paintings of the original art you want to have. What sizes, colors, or types do you require for each room.

Having considered all these amazing tips, you are good to go with your interior decoration.