How to choose the large Abstract Oil painting for Interior Decoration

Whether it is home decoration or office decoration, people will not only pay attention to the overall design, but also look for some wall decoration to beautify the space and show their personality. It can be said that abstract oil painting is a sharp weapon to improve the overall decoration effect, it can play a "micro-decoration" effect, greatly enhance the personal style and taste. Today, Artexplore will introduce some knowledge about decorative paintings to you.

(Beige Grey Abstract Painting - artexplore)

First of all, the basic content.

The idea of many people's choice of abstract oil painting is: first choose some abstract oil paintings they like, and then consider where to hang them. Artexplore says this idea deserves a zero-because, you know, abstract decoration, as an interior design accessory, is designed to serve the overall effect of decoration.
As we usually buy accessories, are based on the characteristics of clothing as a starting point to consider what kind of accessories and its collocation can be more beautiful and more stylish, "small" is always for the "big" service, must not be reversed. According to the overall decoration environment to consider the specific number of decorative paintings, hanging position, picture content, and so on:

1.1 the number of large abstract oil paintings should not be too large.

There are not many decorative abstract paintings. If there are too many interior decoration paintings, it will be dazzling, and you can't calm down to enjoy it. Therefore, it is recommended to choose one or two large-sized pure hand-painted abstract paintings that have been carefully selected and can show taste and style.

1.2 Select an open position.

Interior decoration paintings must be hung in a proper position. In the wall is more open, eye-catching place, such as corridor, bedroom, the wall behind the living room sofa, as well as the wall facing the door and so on. Inconspicuous corners and shadows are not suitable for hanging decorative paintings.

1.3 the hanging height of large abstract oil painting needs to be appropriate.

After choosing the suspension position, the next problem is the specific height of the interior decoration painting. Generally should take the decoration painting as the center, hangs in the person upright parallel line slightly above the position, about two meters is the most suitable.

(BLue Abstract Painting - artexplore)

Then, move on to the advanced content.

After determining where you need to hang the abstract painting on canvas, the next task is to choose a pure hand-painted abstract painting. The choice of the content of the picture actually varies according to everyone's preferences, but basically we should pay attention to the following two principles:

2.1 the picture should be generous.

When choosing a abstract painting, we should also pay attention to the hue of the painting to be consistent with the overall tone and furnishings of the decoration design. In addition, the content of abstract oil painting should be simple, beautiful and in line with modern aesthetics.

2.2 pay attention to Indoor lighting condition.

Due to the limitation of objective conditions, the indoor lighting conditions are different. When hanging a large abstract oil painting in the room, we should also pay attention to the direction of the natural light source outside the window and the light source on the screen to echo each other. Take oil painting as an example, the oil layer and the light and dark parts are different, so the light source of oil painting is often the upper left, sunny office, while landscape painting is best hung on the right wall at right angles to the window.

Bright Abstract Art, Color Abstract Painting,yellow Abstract Art,Rich Texture Art

(Large Textured Color Abstract Painting On Canvas)

Finally, high-level content.

The so-called master piece, of course, is not the realm that ordinary people can achieve. After meeting the basic functions of "suitable location" and "appropriate collocation" to increase the highlights of decoration design, we need to pursue the ultimate goal of the selection of large abstract paintings-to highlight the taste and improve the style. Artexplore recommends several relatively typical ones below, which you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Examples 1.Large Yellow White Abstract Painting On Canvas

Large Yellow White Abstract Painting On Canvas

Examples 2.Large Textured Glod Black Minimal Abstract Painting

Textured Glod Black Minimal Abstract Painting

Examples 3. Large Blue Black White Abstract Acrylic Painting

Large Blue Black White Abstract Acrylic Painting