How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room

How can we improve the artistic effect of the living room instead of just a monotonous white wall? The modern painting must be a good choice, the appropriate painting can not only greatly improve the overall style of the space, but also the way to show one's personality

Artexplore will come to share with you today: 
how to choose paintings in the living room and how to hang them in order to create a good-looking home.
How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room-artexplore


Selection of size.

How to choose the best size painting for the living room.

If the living room space is larger, it is recommended to choose the large painting, to create an open environment.

How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room(Large Blue Abstract Art Blue And Black Abstract Painting Extra Large Art)

If the living room area is small, it can be embellished in the form of a combination of paintings.

The specific size can be obtained with the help of this method of calculation. You can try it yourself later.

The size of the living room painting can also be calculated according to the golden ratio, and the standard size of the decoration painting can be obtained by multiplying the width and height of the sofa background wall by 0.618 respectively.

The choice of painting frame.

How to choose the painting frame for the living room.

The frame is an important element that affects the beauty of the painting, multiple hanging paintings had better choose a unified color of the frame so that people will not have a messy feeling. 

The color of the frame had better choose the simple and classic color, such as black, white, gold, silver, and other tones, you can also match the wooden, but it is best to choose a narrow frame, which can highlight the exquisite hanging painting. 

Can also be directly matched with stretching painting, more imaginative, can be better combined with the wall as a whole.

The choice of content.

How to choose the painting content for the living room.

The content of the painting should be made according to the overall style of the house. 
for example, Nice paintings for living room, the Nordic style can choose the painting with letters, large color blocks, or green plants. 

The modern style can choose black and white gray abstract paintings, Colorful abstract paintings, or geometric paintings.
How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room-artexplore

(Large Black White Abstract Painting Big Canvas Art For Living Room)

How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room-artexplore

(Bright Coloured Paintings Art Big Wall Canvas Pink And Blue Abstract)

 How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room-artexplore

(Large Minimalist Geometric Painting Minimal Acrylic Painting Black Gold)

the European style can choose textured landscape oil paintings.

The choice of color.

How to choose the color.

The color of the living room painting had better echo with the color of furniture, ornaments, or walls so that it can be better integrated.

In addition, It is best to unify the colors of multiple decorative paintings so that they do not appear messy.

The choice of typesetting.

How to choose the design.

One Painting.

Aim the height of the centerline at your horizon or 1.4 meters above the ground. One painting hanging directly in the middle of the wall is the safest and least error-prone approach.
How To Choose affordable Modern Paintings For Living Room.

(Extra Large Gray And Gold Wall Art Oversized Wall Art For Living Room)

Two or more paintings.

1.Symmetrical hanging method.

This hanging method is simple and easy to operate, and it is also our favorite way to hang pictures. Take the sofa as a reference, find a good central point, the choice of painting, preferably the same tone, or the same series of pictures, the effect is the best.

2.Balanced hanging method.

Three decorative paintings on the same horizontal line, the total width of the hanging painting is slightly narrower than that of the sofa and evenly distributed. The picture suggests choosing the same hue or the same series of content.

3.Repetitive hanging method.

When repeatedly hanging paintings of the same size, the spacing had better not exceed the painting's 1/4, so that it can form an overall decorative, non-scattered, not messy.

4.Midline hanging method.

Let living room painting album be on a horizontal line, it has a strong sense of dexterity. When choosing the size, you should pay attention to the left and right balance of the overall metope.

5.Squareline hanging method.

paintings for living room wall of different sizes form a box that looks casual and comfortable, while the outer frames are all on a horizontal line, hanging without losing their delicacy.

Many people reflect that the painting has finally been hung up with great effort, but it is not on a horizontal line at all from a distance. To solve this problem, you can use such methods as pulling cable, sticking positioning tape, and newspaper positioning to provide a reference for the location of the painting so that we can locate it more accurately and control the distance to hang out a good-looking feeling.

Therefore, when we consider choosing the more satisfactory painting for the living room, we should fully take into account these factors such as size, frame, content, color, design. You will find the best fit for paintings for living room ideas.

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