How to choose and buy a favorite oil painting

How to choose and buy oil painting, now there are more and more people with knowledge, artistic pursuit and taste. It has become a fashion to decorate the living space and beautify the environment and living room with art. An interior decoration designer who has worked with Artexplore for a long time said that modern people tend to pay more attention to decoration than remodelling.

Elegant works of art is undoubtedly a good companion of home decoration, and in many art categories, the relationship between paintings and home decoration is the closest. It can not only reflect the personality, taste and style of the host, but also embellish the color of the bedroom. So how to choose and buy oil painting to decorate the home? Artexplore believes that we should start with the following aspects:

First, determine the pattern style of oil painting.

The pattern and style of the oil painting represent the owner's private perspective, so no matter what you choose is not important, it is important to try to match the function of the space.

For example, the living room had better choose atmospheric oil painting, the pattern had better be beautiful scenery, still life and characters, abstract modernism is also good, too personal and artistic works are not suitable for this space, because it is the place with the highest exposure, it is better to be conservative.

For example, purely private spaces such as bedrooms can be played at will, but be careful not to choose oil paintings with too strong style. Generally speaking, the study and dining room are based on still life oil painting; the living room or bedroom and living room are mainly landscape painting and abstract painting.

The subject matter, style and tone of the oil painting must match the decoration style, while the size and size of the space and the size of the wall should match. For example, the metope area behind the sofa in the living room is generally larger, you can hang a larger abstract painting, it will appear more generous.


Second, determine the basic style of oil painting.

The style of oil painting should be determined according to the style of decoration and main furniture, and the painting style in the same environment had better be consistent, and there should be no big conflicts, otherwise it will make people feel cluttered and uncomfortable, such as living in the same room with classical figure painting and modern abstract oil painting. Some people like luxurious and bright style, so you can choose some atmospheric themes, the picture should be brightly colored, and the frame also needs to be gorgeous. Some people like the modern style, so you can choose some abstract themes, you can use some straight lines and metallic frames, while some people like the simple and simple style, then you can choose some introverted, stylish themes (such as minimalist paintings), the color of the picture is relatively elegant, at the same time, you can use some simple frames to set off.

Abstract Painting


Third, determine the main color of oil painting.

As the main role of oil painting is to adjust the atmosphere of the room, so it needs to form a contrast with the environment, from this point of view, it is mainly affected by the main tone of the room and seasonal factors. From the room tone point of view, generally can be roughly divided into white, warm tone and cold tone.

white-based room to choose decorative painting is not too much taboo, but warm tone and cold tone as the main body of the room need to choose the opposite tone of the painting, such as the room is warm yellow, then the painting is best to choose blue, green and other cold tones, and vice versa. From the perspective of seasonal factors, oil painting is the most convenient decoration for temperature adjustment at home, with warm colors in winter, cool colors in summer, green in spring and yellow and orange in autumn. of course, the premise of this change is that the room is white or close to a light white tone.


Fourth, Determine the size of the oil painting.

The size of the oil painting should be determined according to the characteristics of the room and the size of the main furniture, such as the living room, the length should be determined according to the length of the metope or the main furniture, generally should not be less than 2 of the main furniture, for example, the length of the sofa is 2 meters, the overall length of the oil painting should be about 1.4 meters, if the metope space is enough, and want to highlight the artistic effect, it is best to choose a large oil painting, so the effect will be very prominent.

European style room is generally what kind of decorative oil painting, but it should be noted that if the indoor area is smaller, such as: the construction area is less than 15 square meters, it is best to choose oil paintings with classical patterns, still life, flowers and so on. Abstract oil painting is not suitable for this space, because abstract oil painting exaggeration has tension, it will make the small space appear to have a sense of pressure, so it is more suitable to be placed in the larger living room

Of course, the choice of oil painting can reflect a lot of information about the buyer, which is mainly related to gender, age, character, identity, taste and hobby. There is no way to elaborate on them one by one.

How can we buy oil paintings with affordable prices and good quality? Artexplore believes that there are also several points to pay attention to: 

First of all, look at the canvas and the line draft; the canvas needs to be made of linen or pure cotton, so that the paint has a good adhesion on the canvas; the line draft must be clear and smooth and accurate.



Finally, look at the paint. If the paint has a pungent smell, don't buy it, but a little taste is normal. Pigments must choose those standard environmental protection pigments that have been tested by import and export, and must not lose the big because of the small. These are the points for attention in the purchase of oil paintings.

Conclusion: to buy a good oil painting, the most important thing is to make clear the following points:

1.What kind of oil painting do you prefer?

2.Where do you want to hang the oil painting?

3.What size of oil painting is more appropriate?

4.How much is the price of oil painting acceptable?

5.on the basis of the above points, sometimes there will be unexpected gains by comparing a few art galleries. Only in this way will we not be fooled by the dazzling array of goods, and we will choose works of art that are really suitable for us.