Abstract art is a kind of advanced art!

Some people say that "abstract art is the highest art of mankind". Artexplore don't approve. The "superlative" is too absolute. How can the "highest level" develop? Whether it is the "highest" form or the "highest" art, it is suspected of closed development. "Abstract art is a kind of advanced art" may be more appropriate.

Why is it said that "abstract art is a kind of advanced art"?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is "abstraction"?

In philosophy, abstraction is a method of using concepts to reproduce the quality and essence of objects in the human brain by means of analysis and synthesis. It can also be said that abstraction is to extract the common and essential characteristics from many things, while abandoning its non-essential features. Extracting common elements is abstraction. For example, abstract painting can be created by extracting basic painting elements such as point, line, surface, color and so on. Inductive categories are also abstract. For example, apples, bananas, pears, grapes, peaches and so on, their common characteristic is fruit. The process of getting the concept of fruit is also an abstract process. Abstract art is a non-figurative and pure visual art. Non-concrete means that the artistic image abandons the appearance of the natural object, has no reference object, and actively and consciously uses the basic elements of art to carry out innovative creation. Therefore, abstract art can better reflect the spirit of innovation.

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Secondly, abstract art is a kind of art form which is closer to the essence of art.

Art is defined as "technology and its products whose main purpose is to create beauty". The Modern Chinese Dictionary says that art is a social ideology that reflects reality with images, but is more typical than reality. " The original meaning of "art" (ART) in the western language is "artificial creation". On the other hand, we define art as "a form of cognitive expression that is creative, gives people sensory enjoyment, and reflects nature, society and thought." It can be seen that no matter which definition, creativity and innovation are the basic principles, principles and essence of art. Abstract art can better reflect the spirit of innovation, so it is closer to the essence of art.

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Third, abstract art is a more mental creation.

Realistic art and reproduction art all have nature or society as the object of description, and imitation ability and modeling ability are the main ones. In other words, the ability of the hand is primary, followed by brainpower. On the other hand, abstract art does not have a specific object to depict, and it depends entirely on brainpower to create. It is a kind of creation that is almost "created out of nothing". It mainly depends on the abstract thinking and creative thinking of the brain, while the ability of the hand is second best. Therefore, abstract art is a more mental creative activity.

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Fourth, the innovative spirit embodied in abstract art is more in line with the spirit of the times.

When the society enters the industrialized society, the information society and the intelligent society in the future, the spirit of innovation has always been the spirit of the times. It is the spirit of innovation that promotes the development of all aspects of society. If the superstructure wants to adapt to the law of the economic base, it objectively requires that the spirit reflected in the works of art should be consistent with the spirit of the society. Only such art, art forms and works of art can become the mainstream of the times.

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Fifth, abstract art should be close to music.

Kant said, "Man's aesthetic appreciation of pure colors and notes is a human gift." Schopenhauer also said: "Music is the first and imperial art of all kinds of arts, and being able to be like music is the purpose of all arts." Hanslick also said: "all arts tend to music." Music is the art of sound and the art of time, which is difficult and impossible to present truthfully in an intuitive and visible form, even tangible notation can not truly record the sound produced by music, or express the music that the composer wants to convey. Therefore, we say that music, the auditory art, is more abstract and uncertain than other categories such as language or visual art. Therefore, music is a kind of advanced art. Abstract painting should be close to music, just like the brothers and sisters of music, which is most likely to become a pure visual art and a kind of advanced art.

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Abstract art is a kind of advanced art, which must embody the principle of aesthetics. If abstract art gets rid of the beauty of nature, it must reflect the beauty of abstraction. No beauty, no art.